Build a Highly Engaged Audience

If you want to grab the attention of people who can’t wait to do business with you and build an audience that is truly engaged, responsive and in love with your brand, then my On-Purpose Marketing Masterclass: Building a Highly Engaged Audience is for you.

I’ve combined years of my own small business experience with the insight and know-how I’ve gained analyzing big biz strategies for clients who wanted massive movement in their online marketing. I’ve distilled this information into an actionable, self-paced program that delivers valuable insight and leads you through the exact steps that help you uncover…

  • who your perfect client really is and who you absolutely would love to do business with; in other words, if you could hand select your customers, who would they be?
  • what motivates your perfect client and what blocks them. You’ll know how to help them move through their uncertainty and into action.
  • what they want to solve right now and how your product or service can help them.
  • how to use their own language in a way that makes them know that you really get them and feel that you’re speaking directly to them.


Is this Masterclass Right for Me?

This online masterclass is perfect if you’re an educator, course creator, coach or small online business owner who is dedicated to moving your business forward, ready to step out of confusion and into clarity and excited to take the action steps that really move the needle on your online marketing. 
You’ll learn the foundations to creating online content that really connects with your audience, so that you can:  

  • get the right clients from Facebook and Instagram ads, webinars and challenges
  • create irresistible offers and specials 
  • build a profitable email list of engaged and ready-to-buy subscribers
  • clearly describe your products and services in a way that leaves your ideal client saying, “YES! This is exactly what I need!”
  • create podcasts, lives, videos and blogs that will have your audience binging on them like they are the next big original series from Netflix
  • develop captivating email sequences, landing pages, sales pages and web copy
  • write social posts that have your followers commenting, liking, loving and sharing

If you can’t wait to connect with clients you love and who love you back, jump on the waiting list right now!

Enrollment will begin Fall 2020. I’ll let you know as soon as it's open.


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