There was no way I could fail... but I did.

Several years into my first business, after all the time and effort I’d put into trying to make my vision a reality and my business successful, I had to consider closing its doors. I was aware of the statistics of how many new businesses close but

I thought I was different.

Since I can remember, I always wanted to be a “business owner.” Entrepreneurship was in my DNA. My father owned his own company, and I spent a lot of time in his office drinking coffee (well, hot cocoa) pretending I was the boss. I never doubted I would own my own business one day. In college, I even pursued the formal business and marketing education I needed to succeed (or so I thought…).

I mean, on paper, I was a perfect shoo-in. So why was I failing so hard at it?

Spoiler Alert: I lacked the details that make marketing work and the experience and insight to tie it all together.

I tried to compensate by...

Working harder, putting in insanely long hours, missing dinners with my husband and cancelling weekend plans.
I even missed my own 4th of July party!

I found myself with a lot of bills but not a lot of clients. I did what many small business owners do to survive…

  • I said yes to clients that weren’t a good fit
  • gave way too much for way too little
  • compared myself to industry leaders (total confidence killer!)
  • made sleep a luxury and caffeine my best friend

I just broke down


All the fatigue hit me one night when I was stuck at work late because everything that could go wrong did. I just started crying—I mean ugly crying. I knew if I didn’t figure it out, I had to let my lifelong dream go.

And I wasn't ready to give up.

After lots of soul searching and analyzing (ok, beating myself up) about what went wrong, I realized my marketing was my biggest mistake. I missed a HUGE piece—the same piece that so many small business owners miss. But everything else in my marketing plan (and even my services) was hinged on getting this part right. Once I figured it out, I knew I could make it work. I got my confidence and motivation back and I realized that



It made me rethink my entire approach to business and led me to build a successful agency that served the growing need for online marketing. In fact, if I hadn't almost failed, I would never have been able to create a successful 7-figure company that helped my clients implement high-performance, strategic plans that got results.

Woo-hoo! I made it! I checked off all the boxes on my “success” checklist:

  • large and high profile accounts
  • clients I enjoyed working with
  • a trendy "agency" office space
  • a supportive and amazing team


But something was still missing...

I couldn't put my finger on it until one day we had to turn down a woman who really needed our guidance. She just didn’t have the budget to hire us. As I looked across the conference table, I knew exactly how she felt. I wanted to say, “I’ve been there, too. Please don’t give up.” I really wanted to help her. I wanted to help all the small business owners who were lost in the sea of frustration that eventually leads to the same confusion, overwhelm and self doubt that I had once felt.

It was in that moment I realized that helping small business owners achieve their dreams and avoid the common struggles that come with growing a business inspired me more than guiding Marketing Directors and VPs in large corporations. 

It finally all came together!

I sold my agency and began focusing exclusively on helping small business owners break through all the marketing noise being thrown at them and avoid the same mistakes that almost made me quit.

With my heart and mind on helping small business owners thrive, I thought about what I needed most when I was a newer (and completely stressed out) entrepreneur. I began to figure out ways to take the marketing techniques that larger companies implement and apply them into an actionable process for both new and growing entrepreneurs. In time, this process developed into the Business Growth Accelerator.

I brought this method to entrepreneurs and small business owners who were incredibly committed to making their businesses work, who had phenomenal ideas, products, and services but just weren’t getting the clients they should have been getting—and deserved. Today, I feel honored to be a part of my clients’ growth. I love seeing them move confidently forward, use smart online strategies and authentically connect with their ideal clients. Through my On Purpose Marketing Method they see better results and feel good about the momentum they’re building.



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