The 5 steps that leverage simple buying psychology to turn 26-52% more cold leads into clients in 30 days––even if they’ve been hanging around without taking action.

This is the ONLY guide that teaches you what’s been missing from what most coaches and course creators teach you about marketing and content.

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About Dawn

Dawn Barson is a Communications & Marketing Strategies and Conversion Copywriter. She’s also the creator of The Simplified Conversion Framework™, the Optimize for Yes™ program, and the Conversion Circle™.

She got her start in 2000 when she was a teen working in the marketing department at her father’s company.

In 2004 she founded her marketing agency and spent the next 14 years helping large organizations attract more clients through branding, messaging and conversion-based content.

She sold her agency in 2018 to help business coaches leverage buying psychology, persuasion and conversion techniques in their marketing.

Dawn loves spreading her message that marketing doesn’t have to be hard––you just need to know what goes into it to make it work.

She’s presented her message at many international events and has shared the stage with Michelle Obama and Brené Brown.

Today, she helps business coaches implement her Simplified Conversion Framework™ so they can consistently convert cold leads to clients before the sales call.


Does This Sound Like You?


Are you a business coach who knows you’re the answer that so many people in your audience are looking for, but it’s a constant challenge to get them to see it too?

So your income is unpredictable. You hit your highest revenue month and feel like you’ve finally broken through only to be followed by a massive dip a few months later because your marketing isn’t reliably turning your leads into clients.

I know how that feels.

I spent years trying to scale my business and I was always taking one step forward and two steps back.

I was chasing strategies and trying to keep up with the amount of marketing I thought was required to stand out and “convince” my audience that they should work with me.

That's when I discovered the missing piece that's left out of what marketing coaches and course creators are teaching.  

This missing piece is 17x more effective than any marketing strategy alone.  

And it was my secret formula for years until I decided to share it with my clients.

It’s so simple but it’s a highly-effective technique! 

It’s called the Simplified Conversion Framework™. 

It leverages buying psychology and ethical persuasion and conversion strategies to create content that converts leads into pre-motivated buyers.

If you want to learn more about this process and how it can help you dominate the competition, let’s chat. 

I only take on 5 private clients each month. So if you want to see how this can work for, don't wait because the spaces fill up fast.